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jewellery-photoMy favourite idea for a birthday present is something that's unique. Giving them a gift that they can't simply go to a store and buy makes it that extra special, and shows that you've got them something original. This also prevents the recipient from working out how much you paid so if you're being a tightass they will never know. Some of the best unique presents are things you can wear. For a girl, giving unique jewellery as a gift is always a great way to put a smile on her face. It may be a hand made necklace or even rings that have a creative feel. Because the piece of jewellery is one of a kind, it will stand out and she will always remember you for it.

Birthday Cakes

We all know that a major part of a birthday celebration is the cake. The tradition of birthday cakes stem back all the way to Ancient Greece, where they didn't celebrate birthdays of mortals but rather their Gods. Cakes were brought to the temple of Artemis (the Goddess of the Hunt) and were adorned with candles because they looked like the moon.

Now that you have the history, you need to get into gear with organising a birthday cake. Some people love to bake their own cakes, but we all know that things can easily go wrong! It is much safer to get a professional to design and bake the cake. Our favourite company for birthday cakes is Chef Momos who have made hundreds of delicious cakes for all occassions.


One of the most popular things at the moment are mobile phones. And the hottest type of phone on the market is undoubtedly the iPhone with their easy to use system, and thousands of applications to make things more convenient for their users. So for a birthday present, why not consider iPhone cases for your friends. There are lots of cool designs and you can even get your own image printed onto the case. It's the perfect idea for a loved ones gift. Imagine giving your girlfriend an iPhone cover with a photo of you on it. She'll be absolutely wrapped, until you cheat on her and you break up, then she's got a constant reminder of the jerk who screwed her over. Maybe put a nice photo of a kitty on it instead!

Sometimes for a birthday, the recipient is sick of receiving multiple gifts that are all the same, such as 10 bottles of red wine, multiple photo frames from Dimmeys and an excessive number of beer glases. I know we like our alcohol but there's only so many we can use at any one time! Therefore some people decide to create a gift registry to send out to all their friends before the big event. That way, when buying a present, only things that the person actually wants will be bought, and only one of each thing.


A gift registry is a great idea because it allows the person to list exactly what they want and need, and people buying can choose an appropriate gift according to their budget and taste. The only thing is, don't leave it until the last minute or you'll be left buying the oven mitts! You may also want to consider a gift that keeps on giving.




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