Sporting Equipment

A great gift for a guy or a girl is sporting equipment. Health and fitness is such an integral part of our lives, and getting people off their phones and away from their sedentary behaviour is crucial. Children should be encouraged at an early age to play regular sport, and it's just as important in mid-life to remain fit.

Here are some of the places we recommend for sporting equipment.

Rebel Sport - this one is an obvious outlet, with a range of sporting gear for pretty much everything you can image. Apparel for running or training, weight sets, shoes, footballs, basketballs, netballs, rings, fitness, accessories. Rebel is reasonably priced and has high quality items that are perfect for gift ideas. Keep a look out for their regular sales.


Sportsmart - Melbourne's largest sports warehouse, they have a number of stores and also offer free shipping if you want to purchase online. Soccer boots, balls, hockey sticks, basketball hoops and uniforms are just some of the products they sell. A great range of racquet gear too.

Stringer Sports - Specialising in sports shoes and accessories. They have leading brands such as Nike, Reebok, Asics and Adidas. Styles to suit any type of sporting activity including running, basketball, footy, boxing, tennis, cross training and more.


Abbeys Auctions - With a range of second hand goods including lots of household items, Abbeys regularly have cheap good quality sporting equipment for sale. They hold regular weekly auctions every Friday in Box Hill and some of the items you can expect to find include tennis racquets, weight sets, balls (footy, basketball, soccer) and who knows what else. It can be pot lock each week, but there's always something great there. And even if you can find something sporty for the gift, you might find other ideas for that special present.