Car Accessories

The ultimate present for a young adult is a new car. But that is very unrealistic for the majority of people, which is why car accessories are a much more logical gift.

Some people are total car nuts and a gift of the automobile nature is a given for them. But even someone who isn't a huge fan but still drives, then a gift in this niche can still be practical and enjoyed by the recipient.

So what are some ideas for car accessories?

all-in-one-car-care-kitCar Care Kit

Everyone should look after their vehicle but it's amazing how many people don't have a care kit. So they make a great gift. Things they should contain are:

  • wash and wax
  • glass wipes
  • windscreen repellant
  • tyre cleaner or foam
  • wheel cleaner
  • chamois
  • and more

You can get car kits from Kmart or Target quite cheaply, but for the high quality ones check out somewhere like Autobarn.

pedders-kitsCar Kits, Upgrades and Auto Parts

As well as getting accessories to look after a car, you might also want products that improve performance of the vehicle. These can make an awesome gift and include:

  • SUV kits
  • shock absorbers
  • suspension bushes
  • steering parts
  • coil springs

Since you're looking to improve performance you want to ensure quality add-ons and auto parts, so buying from a leading supplier such as Pedders Products is a good way to go.

car-window-tintCar Window Tinting

Many people are worried about their cars interior fading and deteriorating due to sun damage. Window Film prevents up to 99% of the suns rays, giving you protection and privacy. So getting a voucher for window tinting can make a great birthday present.

  • Increases privacy
  • Reduces glare and sun damage
  • Comes in a range of tints and colours
  • Can be applied to any car
  • Makes your glass shatter resistant

Remember that there are regulations on just how tinted your windows can be, so choose a reputable company. One we recommend is All About Window Tinting.

tom-tomSat Nav or GPS

Satellite navigation is becoming more popular with GPS replacing Melway maps in almost every car. It's one thing to use your mobile phone to work out where you're going but it's a lot easier to have a fixed device to help you reach your destination.

The three main GPS devices for cars in Australia are Navman, TomTom and Garmin. There are different versions with different screen sizes and features, but you can expect to pay between $90 and $250.

Again, places like Kmart of Target have these, as well as electronic stores like JB Hifi and Dick Smiths. Here's a good review on the latest GPS devices.